SOLD Incredible & Very Large Display Group of Promicroceras Planicosta 0220


Incredible & Very Large Display Group of Promicroceras Planicosta 0220:  this is an incredible, large, free-standing, display block of Promicroceras ammonites, which is stunning.

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 Incredible & Very Large Display Group of Promicroceras Planicosta

(Black Ven, Lyme Regis, Dorset)

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Period: Lower Lias, Obtusum Zone, Jurassic

Description: Imagine the hours that has gone into preparing this incredible, large, free-standing, display block of Promicroceras ammonites, which is stunning. This amazing display piece was actually discovered in 1993 from the famous Spittles area of Black Ven, from which very little is produced nowadays, making this an increasingly rare piece. There are also two Xipheroceras dudresieri and Cymbites globosus preserved also.  These ammonites are simply pieces of near perfection, moments in time frozen and hidden away for millions of years, until discovered and uncovered again – Mother Nature at her most artistic. This is worth every penny of the asking price, which includes recorded delivery as standard, we take care of these works of art from the day we hand pick them until the day you receive them in perfect condition.

Promicroceras is an extinct ammonite from the Upper Sinemurian time (of the Lower Jurassic period) of Europe, named by Leonard Spath in 1925. Promicroceras are part of the ammonite superfamily called Eoderocerataceae (bit of a mouthful), which is actually 7 families of ammonites combined, all now extinct. These beautiful ammonites are preserved in its original matrix from the Lower Lias (rock, clay and sand strata laid down across Europe during the Lower Jurassic period when shallow seas were full of shell and other sea creatures), Lower Jurassic age being 201 to 174 million years ago.

Dimensions: Size of overall free-standing display piece  is 115mm x 90mm x 31mm, weighing in at over half a kilogram in weight (516gms)

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