Pecopteris Fern Leaf Neg & Pos Nodule


Pecopteris Fern Leaf Neg & Pos Nodule (Mazon Creek, Illinois, USA): This lovely pos & neg nodule makes a beautiful present or addition to any collection.

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Pecopteris Fern Leaf Neg & Pos Nodule

(Mazon Creek, Illinois, USA)

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Period: Devonian to Carboniferous Period (Approx 416 to 299 million years ago)

Description: This is a lovely postive and negative nodule and makes a very interesting addition to a collection and a really good talking point. Pecopteris is an extensive family with over 350 members, and from which many plants are derrived from to this day.  Pecopteris is derived from the Greek ‘pekin’, (to comb), and ‘pteris’, (a fern), this is because the leaflets of Pecopteris fronds are arranged like the teeth on a comb. Most Pecopteris leaves and fronds are associated with the marattialean tree fern Psaronius. However, Pecopteris-type foliage is borne on several filicalean ferns, and at least one seed fern. Pecopteris first appeared in the Devonian period about 350 million years ago, but is seen to flourished in the fossil record during the Carboniferous, especially the Pennsylvanian (approx 303 to 318 million years ago). Plants bearing these leaves became extinct in the Permian period but by then the plant diversification had spread significantly.

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