Knightia Eocaena Jordan Fish 0168


Knightia Eocaena Jordan Fish (From Green River, Wyoming, USA) 0168: This is a beautifully preserved fish specimen on delicate matrix with free display stand.

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Knightia Eocaena Jordan Fish

(From Green River, Wyoming, USA)

Item Code: 01122016/0168 (Foreshore Code)

Period: Eocene

Description: This is a beautifully preserved fish specimen on a delicate matrix, from the world famous Green River formation (Wyoming, USA), creating a beautiful display piece. It is one of an enormous shoal of fish (the forerunners of the modern day Sardines) that were preserved in all their detail by some catastrophic geological event. Each preserved individual, such as this, are exceptional in their own right and a must for any collector or as a curiosity, a talking point on its own display stand. Be gentle with this fragile fossil but allow it to be seen again after being covered for over 50 million years.

A Little More About Knightia: Knightia is an extinct genus of clupeid clupeiform bony fish that lived in the fresh water lakes and rivers of North America and Asia during the Eocene epoch. The genus was erected by David Starr Jordan in 1907, in honour of the late University of Wyoming professor Wilbur Clinton Knight, “an indefatigable student of the paleontology of the Rocky Mountains.” It is also the state fossil of Wyoming.

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