Beautifully Defined Pleuroceras Ammonite in Nodule (Nuremberg, Germany) 0227


Beautifully Defined  Pleuroceras Ammonite in Nodule (Nuremberg, Germany) 0227: This is a really beautiful ammonite for display on a shelf, set perfectly in its nodule.

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Beautifully Defined  Ammonite Pleuroceras in Nodule 0227

(Nuremberg, Germany)

Pleuroceras solare (Phillips)

Item Code: 01072017/0227 (Foreshore Code)

Period: Pliensbachian (approx. 191mya to 183 million years ago), Jurassic

Description: Sometimes these beautiful fossil ammonites have a white powdery coating, but either way this is a really beautiful ammonite for display on a shelf. It is set perfectly in its nodule with its strong, beautifully defined  radial ribbing and a lovely spiral down to its centre. This is a near perfect display piece that would positively grace any collection, usually the surface layer is damaged when exposed due to the force needed to split one in half, in this case the quality of ammonite speaks for itself as the preservation makes this a real gem of a fossil.

Dimensions: The ammonite is approx. 40mm set on the positive portion of the nodule, the negative having been stripped away. The ‘nodule’ originates from Kalchreuth, nr Nuremberg, Germany.

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