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Working with Linda MacDonald….PrintLM Inspired by Nature

Linda MacDonald Bespoke Jewellery British jewellery designer Linda Macdonald established her business in 1996, as a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, now supplying many beautiful shops and galleries throughout Britain.  Linda has been delighted to design and produce this very special collection for foreshore fossils, “it has been fascinating to work from such an ancient inspiration, each fossil is unique and so precious!”  This delicate, distinctive and unique jewellery is designed and made exclusively in Scotland and is collected by jewellery lovers across the UK and overseas.

Working and living in such a beautiful part of Group Photo LM TeamScotland is key inspiration for the Linda Macdonald jewellery collections. Inspired by the delicate detail in nature, Linda is now recognised for her unique handmade jewellery with beautiful floral patterns in silver with a hint of gold. Based in the village of Cardross in Argyll, Linda now has the help of a small team of skilled jewellers to produce all the collections.

Over the years Linda Macdonald Jewellery has achieved continuous success as an award winning jewellery brand in the UK, culminating most recently in her award as British Jewellery Association’s Designer of the Year 2012. The beauty of all the collections is the keepsake and timeless quality, which is a perfect excuse to spoil a loved one with a lasting treasure!


We Have Previously Worked In Partnership With:foreshore-anita-group-header-unique

Previous Artists we have worked with has included 0ne of the UK’s leading and most experienced Ceramic Artist has designed these stunning ceramic pieces of art of Volcanoes and Ammonites, exclusively in support of Foreshore Fossils. These were so successful that they are now sold out and no longer available.

Ammonite-Oval-Front-and-BackAnita Harris is a leading ceramic artist, has an unequalled pedigree in the field of ceramic designs, is unrivalled in the quality of work she produces. Anita’s work is seen as highly collectable, as unique hand-painted art and as investments for the future, having been featured on the BBC’s Antiques Road Show and Bargain Hunt.

Anita was Head Designer at Poole Pottery for 10 years where she developed an extensive knowledge of reactive glazes, which brings her hand painted designs to life.

Anita also worked at Cobridge Stoneware, Moorcroft’s sister company, where she designed many popular ranges for Cobridge Stoneware and Black Ryden. Every piece of art Anita creates is inspirational and her talent, underpinned by her experience, is unequalled in the UK.

So we at Foreshore Fossils are honoured to have Anita design, hand paint & hand glaze our volcano and ammonite designs, which makes each one unique and totally individual. It is a privilege to work with Anita and her team.

Volcano-Large-Teardrop-Front-and-BackThese hand painted, unique and individual pieces of ceramic art will make ideal presents and gifts for any special occasion, Anniversary, Birthdays, Christmas, etc. Every design is different as they are hand painted by Anita and signed by her on the base. Each piece of art is made to order and therefore you may have to wait a short time for delivery, approximately two weeks.

However, we assure you it will be worth the short wait, as the results are stunning as you can see. The colours glow with the heat of the molten lava flowing from the erupting volcanoes, you can almost see the lava moving, burning deep into the volcanic rock as it slides ever downwards like a river in full flow.

The ammonites are framed in their watery home of ancient shallow inland seas that swarmed with life amongst the seaweed toing and froing with the tidal sway. The iridescent richness of the ammonites is outstanding and beautiful.

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